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Friday, December 28, 2018

Evangelist Joyce Haddon And Bishop Haddon Get #NoisyForGod!!!!

Part One!!!

Part Two!!!

#FlashBackFriday!!! Evangelist Joyce Haddon shares indispensable wisdom on spiritual Warfare!!! When you are backed against the wall- go back to #prayer and #fasting! It still WORKS!!! To view the video in it’s entirety, click the link in our bio or go to our #youtube page: @noisyforgodmovement. It will be worth the watch!!!! #noisyforgod #noisyforgodmovement #womeninministry #thehaddons #preachersofla #bishophaddon #joycehaddon #deitrickhaddon
Thursday, December 27, 2018

Prayer For The Return Of Millennials To The Church!

Millennial, It’s Time For You To Come Back To Church 
                | Spiritual Warfare Series | 

It’s time for you to come back home. I’m not sure who this is for, but I felt a very strong pressing in my spirit to release this! Please share with a loved one you are praying for! Be blessed!
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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Help, I Keep Falling Back In To Sin! | Delivered But Not Immune Series |

Help, I Keep Falling Back In To Sin! | Delivered But Not Immune Series | 

It’s important to realize that although we can be delivered from sin, that does not make us immune. Galatians 5:1 says, “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.”
‭In this series, Delivered but not Immune, we will share tangible tips to stay free from the yoke! This is spoken from experience. Make sure to subscribe to stay up to date!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

So...Do You Really Trust God?

I thought I was trusting God- but through his word he showed me that I wasn’t. Saying you trust him is one thing- but actually doing it is another! And If we have a bad attitude the entire time we are “trusting him”...then that lets us know we don’t really believe. Check out the latest video upload above! God Bless! And please, don’t forget to #Like #Share and #Subscribe for more content! 
Friday, December 14, 2018

How To Stop Hating On Others!

Defeating the Spirit of the Hater From Within!

Click the Link Above!

In a day where everyone is in competition, and in a day where we are constantly surrounded by comparison- how do we stay above water? How do we defeat the Spirit of Hate?
It’s not God’s will that his people are in competition- it’s His will that we work together.  Check it out:


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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Prayer for Holy Boldness | Spiritual Warfare Series| Do Not Fear Their Faces

Prayer for Holy Boldness | Spiritual Warfare Series| Do Not Fear Their Faces

“According to my earnest expectation and my hope, that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but that with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life, or by death.”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭1:20‬ ‭
   It takes {HOLY} boldness to do what God has called you to do, and it takes that same boldness to actually be a true Christian. Let’s go to the King and pray against the spirit of fearfulness, and to be endowed with the Power of His Spirit, as we grow in Him. 
Friday, December 7, 2018

Bishop Mona Reide’s Powerful Healing Testimony

”When God does something, He does it so effortlessly” 
If you are in need of healing, this is a major opportunity to grow your faith! The Bible says we overcome by the Blood of the land and the power of our Testimonies! And boy oh boy, does Bishop Mona Reid’s have that! God healed her body from a degenerative disease with no sign it was ever there. God is a healer!!!! Listen as she shares her testimony and shares so much wisdom about many topics. #Healed from Multiple Sclerosis! #Healed from Deafness!!! #Healed by the Blood of the Lamb! #FlashBackFriday
Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Are You Rapture Ready? Why we must avoid being lukewarm at all costs!!!

Are You Rapture Ready? 
Let’s delve into the parable of the ten virgins, in Matthew 25.
   This parable serves as a prophetic end times warning, and not only to the world- but to the saints. Because we are living in the last days, (We are the church of Laodecia as listed in Revelation 3) it is important that we keep watch, as we near the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Despite all the false doctrine that is going forth, God has a standard- and you can very well be “in” the church and STILL not be a part of the church! We must avoid being lukewarm at ALL costs, because God says he will “spew us out from his mouth”.
Thursday, November 29, 2018
Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Stop Selling Yourself Short!!!

Stop Selling Yourself Short! 


Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Power Of Transparency: With Bishop Theodore Brooks And The Bishopric Staff

Noisy For God Presents: 
The Power Of Transparency - #RoadToDamascus

   Join P.A.W Bishops for a #transparent round table discussion where laughter, wisdom, and anointing abound.
   Saddle Up and Get Ready- because Presiding Bishop Theodore Brooks, Bishop Mark Tolbert, Bishop Carl Turner, Bishop Craig High, Bishop Richard Howell, and Bishop Robert Martin are getting #NoisyForGod! 
Thursday, October 4, 2018

Spiritual Warfare Series: Prayer Against Depression and Unhappiness

Spiritual Warfare: Prayer Against Depression
Please engage and pray along and please share with someone in need. 
Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Stop Letting People Talk About Jesus And Not Saying Anything- Why we should not allow people to Mock the Lord or Blaspheme Against God in our Presence!

Stop Letting People Talk About Jesus And Not Saying Anything- Why we should not allow people to Mock the Lord or Blaspheme Against God in our Presence!
Wednesday, September 12, 2018

When God Stretches You, You Won't Break!

When God Stretches You, You Won't Break!!

I just wanted to share this word that God gave me with you! I pray that it blesses you! Don't give up in this season- harvest is here!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

#InYourFeelings? How to win the battle over your emotions!!!


You can win the battle over your emotions!!!!
Thank you for all of your support!!!! 
Friday, August 17, 2018

Submitting Yourself To God's Plan!!!

Submitting Yourself To God's Plan: Metamorphisis Season
Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Bishop Horace E. Smith Gets #NoisyForGod!!!

            Bishop Horace E. Smith Gets #NoisyForGod!!!
   The knowledge Dr. Smith drops in this video is literally #invaluable. From growing as a leader, to must-have keys to success- we are grateful for the wisdom that God has given to Bishop Smith! 
Part One: Calling Yourself To Ministry
Part Two: Keys To Kingdom Success
Catch Up With Bishop Smith:
Instagram: @drhoracesmith

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We love you guys!
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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Releasing Your Past Failures

Let's Talk About It: Releasing Your Past

 We declare freedom in the name of Jesus. Let my testimony encourage you! We overcome through the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimonies! Listen: you can be made free from your past failures. God set me free and He can do the same for you if you let Him!


Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Bishop Lambert W. GATES GETS #NoisyForGod!!
"Bridging the gap to build the Kingdom"
Whatever your generation- this is an interview that will SPEAK to you!
Bishop gates:
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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

"Over-Sharing": Christians And Social Media

"Over-Sharing": Christians And Social Media Addiction

Social Media Addiction Is REAL!!!!
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We can break the chains of social media addiction and idolatry through the power of JESUS Christ!!!!!

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Weight Loss #Goals

Setting Serious Weight Loss Goals

     Not too long ago I hit a wall. I got tired of the extra weight and said, "Enough is ENOUGH! I am tired of worrying about the same things year after year! I am tired of carrying this extra weight! Lord, I am exhausted and worn out... I'm tired of not growing or achieving anything in this area of my life! I need you to help me to get this weight off...! " And for the first time, I wasn't talking about natural weight loss. I was talking about the spiritual. I needed to lighten up. It was time for me to go on a spiritual weight loss plan!
    What baggage is weighing you down that it's time for you to release? For me, there were certain areas where I have picked up some serious baggage over the past few years.
     And the Holy spirit challenged (re- convicted) me. What what would happen if we, say, dropped a few spiritual pounds? Like the same way we consider our bodies and say; "This needs toning, building, sculpting..;" we challenged ourselves to look at our spiritual lives with that same critical eye?
 "Bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having the promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come."
                                             -1 Timothy 4:8   

       Stress is not of God! It is a demonic tool that the enemy effectively uses to weigh people down with fear, stress, anxiety, confusion, worry, etc to the point that the average person (and Christian) will never walk in their God given purpose. That weight that is loaded onto our lives is not from God, it's from the devil.
" Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest for your souls. For my yoke
is easy, and my burden is light..." - Matthew 11:30

       So upon realizing that I had picked up some extra weight- weight that was affecting my destiny, my mood, my health, and my sanity- I decided to go on a spiritual weight loss plan. Yes, I said it. And I have already successfully dropped quite a few pounds and am feeling lighter already! Yes, of course I will share my diet secrets with you!
          Here are my top 3 tips for slimming down quick:
    1) Identify Your Trigger
     Identify the trigger! There are certain things that absolutely trigger me. Like, some situations that get me upset every single time- and I can actually feel myself instantly stressing out when being put in certain scenarios. You know, those things that when you even think about them your blood pressure rises. That's your weakness right there. And it's important to know your areas of weakness because the enemy always attacks there first. If he can apply painful pressure to your weak areas, he can gain influence. He will speak to you in your area of weakness, with the goal of encouraging you to do negative things that will only lead to more negativity and baggage. (Blowing up,
retaliating, becoming vengeful, bitter, malicious, etc.) But the good news is that even though the devil operates through areas of weakness, God does too;
...My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I GLORY in mine infirmities, that the power of Christ
may rest upon me." 2 Cor 12:9

      The devil is in a race to control your thoughts. So, the key is to first identify those patterns in your behavior- so that you can be aware of your weaknesses- and then pay attention to what happens when you are triggered. After I did this, I realized the enemy was working through me in those stressful moments, and I began to REBUKE him when negative thoughts gripped my mind. And WHEN I
TELL YOU THIS WORKS! I felt immediate relief!! Whatever that negative emotion is: fear, despair, anger; God did not send those spirits. The devil did. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you!
    2) Do the opposite of what you usually do 
      This is a hard one, But it genuinely works! It's difficult because it's the action portion of your weight loss routine. The exercise portion. The part that requires you to physically challenge yourself. You've heard that old adage: "An idiot does the same thing twice, expecting different results." Well, I must be a super, double, triple idiot then, cause he's got me going in cycles, cycles... lol. But my point is that the devil counts on you doing the same things over and over again. And we usually fall for it too. He pushes our buttons, he puts the same stressors on us from year to year, we react exactly the same and we stay in the same place. That's why you see that some people NEVER grow, because they cannot force themselves to do something different. But your deliverance lies on the other side of different behavior. React differently to the arguement. Stop taking the bait that the devil puts in front of you. Start walking away. Start praying instead of complaining. Start praising in the middle of it. Show love instead of hate. Give something to the person who is always taking. Start laughing when you used to cry. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. And keep doing it. You will feel lighter
3) Pray Every Single Morning For 30 Days
    This works. Period. First of all, when you do something for 30 days it becomes a habit! (21 days and beyond). But secondly, God is the burden bearer. This is the biggest key to spiritual weight loss!!! We must drop that baggage into the hands of God! Things that are too heavy to carry we need to give over to GOD. Heavy baggage can kill you. It will cause you to be sick and broken in both the natural and the spiritual. If its too heavy for you- lay it at his feet. I have literally said to God: "Take it Jesus, I have been trying to make this work for too long and I need your help!" I now regularly cry out to God on my face and EVERYTIME I get up lighter! Leave that mess at the feet of Jesus.
Pray in the spirit because the spirit knows what to pray for better than you do. GO INNNNNN. Right at home. My bomb prayer sessions usually start like this;
            "Lord I need you. You are welcome. Please visit me, I need to feel your presence..."
     So, in conclusion, don't just lighten up in the natural annually when the weather warms. Lets make goals to drop that spiritual baggage too. Unforgiveness, Bitternes, Resentfulness, Fear, Depression...they weigh way too much. You will be less temperamental, less emotional, and happier
and more content in general. I have actual spiritual weight loss goals that I take DAILY steps to achieve. My goal is to be in excellent spiritual shape- so that I can finish the course that is set before me.
"...let us lay aside every weight, and the sin that doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,"
Hebrews 12:1

Noisy For God
Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Christian Journey To Becoming Modest: Finding A Standard

Did you catch the royal wedding? Although beautiful, The images were startling in contrast to the modern church! In This weeks "I Will Study" series we talk about the touchy subject of modesty. Times are changing- but how do we exist while carrying the standard of the Bible and the fact that God's word will never change? How do we navigate the rocky seas of dressing in a manner that is pleasing to God in a generation that wiles out? NOISY FOR GOD shares their tips on finding balance in a society where sexy rules- and GETS down to the HEART of the matter.  We don't have all the answers- but we will share what we do know!!
Facebook/Instagram: @noisyforgodmovement
Wednesday, May 23, 2018

There's Always A Storm Before You Walk On Water

Overcoming Tests and Tribulation: There's Always A Storm Before You Walk On Water | I Will Study |

Text to read: Matthew 14: 22-31
Join us as we delve into the word and find out out what God is saying in this season. Today we  find revelation in this powerful scripture in Matthew 14.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2018



This is it- it’s time to prepare. God was saying something through the Prolific Man of God- John The Baptist- and his message is penetrating hearts and minds in this season like never before! Please share with someone who you know could benefit. God Bless! 
Matthew 3
Luke 1
Mark 1 
John 1

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Monday, May 14, 2018

My Infertility And Birth Testimony

Noisy For God goes on Addison’s Place!
Noisy For God On Addison’s Place! #TransparentMoment: I struggled with infertility and later through child birth, but God Blessed me and performed the miraculous in my life through the process. If you are struggling with infertility and/or miscarriages, health, or are in need of healing, please give this a listen. #NoisyForGod 
Click the link below to listen!!!!!! 
Thursday, May 10, 2018

Are You Called To The Ministry?

5 Uncomfortable Places God Is Calling His Ministers|| I Will Study Series ||

Join Noisy For God in their New Weekly Series, “I Will Study”. Let’s get into our Bibles, and talk about the Word of God! In this series we will Grow, Learn, and Study the Word of God together! 
Thank you to all who requested specific bible passages. We plan to navigate through a lot of God’s Word in this series and Lord Willing we will get to all the requests! 
This weeks passages were taken from: 
The Calling of the Apostles/ Persecution Matthew Chapters 10-13
John The Baptists Beheading: Matthew 14
Luke Chapter 6 was also referenced. 
*We will still do more on Matthew. Stay tuned!*


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Dr. Byron Brazier Gets #NoisyForGod!!!

                                                          Noisy Nugget Premier Part Two:
                                                    Dr. Byron Brazier Gets #NoisyForGod!
          Click the Video To Watch!
    "Dr. Byron T. Brazier Shares Invaluable Wisdom On How to Find Success, Overcome Obstacles, and Plan for the Future!"

Seriously'll want to get out your notepad and take notes as Dr. Brazier answers these real-life questions. The wisdom that he drops in this video is simply INVALUABLE. If applied to your life, you can truly avoid mistakes and achieve great things!!!
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Thursday, April 26, 2018

          Bishop Noel Jones Gets #NoisyForGod!!!
  “The Bible is A Truth You Cannot Escape”
     Listen intently and take notes as Bishop Noel Jones Quickly Expounds on the Significance of the Word of God. #NoisyNuggetSeries

Do you actually study your bible? Bishop Jones helps us to understand JUST how important that Bible (which is probably currently sitting on your bookshelf) REALLY is. Blow the dust off of your bible and follow along as he helps us to see the Word come Alive! 
Part One of a Two Part Premier! Make Sure You Stay  Tuned for our next special guest!
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Friday, April 6, 2018

New Video is Up!!! Check it Out!!!!

                        Gospel and Secular Music Collaborations: From God or From Satan??

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

You are NOT important. You are NOT capable: Re-doing self-affirmations

    Everyone says that we should love ourselves. We should believe in ourselves. "You are greater than you think," they say. "You have the power to change the world," they muse. But I'm here to tell you that all of that is a lie. You are not greater than you think. You are severely and utterly LESS.
     You are not powerful, you are not capable, and you are not able to accomplish anything beyond what God allows. None of us are.
    We wouldn't even be alive if He hadn't ordained it to be so. Back to the dirt, back to the ashes we will go in just a few short years on earth. So frail, so fragile. Bad news today at the doctor's, and dead tomorrow. Wrong place at the wrong time and you are gone forever. We are POWERLESS without GOD!
     And quite frankly I'm EXHAUSTED by the arrogance of today's society! It's very much self-central. Photos of ourselves in all our best angles. Self-glorification at it's highest degree! All the rappers want to be 'mini gods'. All the preachers have removed the crosses from the sanctuary, and put up life size posters of themselves. The churches have changed their names from "Christ Temple"
or "Mount Zion" to "Celebration" or "Relevant". You may as well name your church "Important Church". Or better yet "The people's church": because WHERE is GOD?
      Is he in our services anymore? Do you feel him there? Can you look around and see EVIDENCE? Or just a bunch of HYPE? God leaves evidence everywhere HE goes. When He comes in the room there is an immediate shift. In His presence, change occurs. Miracles, Signs, and Wonders. When was the last time you experienced it? Or were you too busy checking your facebook and instagram during church to know if He was there? Or worse yet: Did you even come to church to encounter and worship God?
     It seems as though we have become content being "motivated" by our favorite "preachers". The quotations are there because there has been an increase in folks taking the mic and talking about a whole lot of other things in the pulpit, and not enough Jesus. Jesus MUST be preached. His death, His burial, His resurrection MUST be preached. That is the only hope and power that we can ever hold- through and by the blood of JESUS. If they are not forming their sermon around that sacred text, that source of hope, then they are not preachers of truth, but rather preachers of darkness sent to distract and mislead.
    We must take a long look in the mirror and say to ourselves,
                                         "You are not a god. you are nothing without God."
      Sounds harsh doesn't it? But a good dose of humility is what our world needs right now! From the white house all the way through hollywood, everyone is on a power-high. All these sexual misconduct accusations are flowing from people's abuse of a false sense of power. The bible says that rebellion is as the spirit of witchcraft. Rebelling against the rules, rebelling against morality, rebelling against GOD has created the dark world we now inhabit. This demonic spirit has caused people to pick up a gun and feel as though they have the power to take another man's life. They have taken on the role of God- deciding to punish innocent people for their own selfish reasons. But OHHHHHHHH they have NOT gotten away with it. There will come a day when the Lord will judge every man according to his works. There will come a day when every knee will bow and every tongue WILL confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. 
     Look in the mirror and say
                                       "I am not a god. Lord I am worthless without you."
     This is where the true power lies. Because the truth is, God is the source of all
power- he is the potentate. Right now you could not go outside and create a river, cause it to rain, create a new color, make a new animal...we are powerless. We create and we live with the tools that He has given us. Period. So what arrogance can be found in that?
     God has been gracious toward us. He has actually given us access to His power. Through Christ, you can do all things. When you are weak, He is strong for you. HE has given all things into our hands freely. HE gives grace to the humble, and power to the Sons of God. HE upholds the righteous with His right hand of Strength. SO bottom line is- you are not powerful on your own, but when you tap into HIS spirit- then and only then the game changes. We must find our purpose, our worth, our beauty, our gifts, our destiny in HIM. Change your affirmations from "You can DO it" to "HE can do it". From "I am flawless" to " I am flawed but His grace is sufficient." From "I got this" to "HE's got this!"  Here's to God having a church that is secure in their place in HIM- aware that they are in need of Grace, grateful that HE loves them in spite of, and humbly standing in awe of His Glory.
Noisy For God
Thursday, February 22, 2018

To Be A Millenial Part 2: Dormant Spiritual Gifts

          The Spirit placed a question in my heart: Who gets a very special gift- but doesn't open the box and see what it is?
      Unfortunately, many in the body of Christ do! Our talents that can be of secular use are often identified early in life by our teachers and parents: athletic ability, musical adeptness, charisma, science and mathmatical ability, etc. But WHO is helping our young people to develop their SPIRITUAL gifts?
      We encourage our children to build their houses on the foundation of their secular gifts and talents, while their spiritual gifts remain unused and under- developed. As a result we face a generation of confused and spiritually disconnected people who have set their eyes on material things. This should not be so in the body of Christ. The time has come for us to Stir up the gifts that God has placed in us!
     There are special gifts and SUPERNATURAL abilities that God has given each of us to build up and edify the body of Christ (1 Pet. 4:10).

 The Bible speaks of 20+ Spiritual gifts that God has given to the church:
Romans 12:
 Exhortation: The gift that encourages, comforts, and uplifts others
 Giving: The gift that shares with cheerfulness and liberality
 Leadership: The gift that stands before others and directs, motivates, and encourages to accomplish goals
 Mercy: The gift that has compassion, sensitivity, and sympathy toward others and takes action
 Prophecy: The gift that speaks forth the message of God to His people; Forth-telling the will of God
 Service: The gift that identifies undone tasks in God's body and gets the job done
Teaching: The gift that instructs others in the Word in a way that brings true understanding and growth
1 Corinthians 12:
 AdministrationThe gift that steers the church through planning, organizing, and supervising toward accomplishing God-ordained goals
Apostle: The gift that was given to the eye-witnesses of Jesus, and original leaders of the establishment of the church
 Discernment: The gift that can distinguish truth from falsehood by judging whether the source of the behavior is from God, Satan, human power, or human error
Faith: The gift that is firmly persuaded of God's power with a conviction that cannot be shaken
Healing: The gift that can make people whole either spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or physically
 Helps: The gift that supports, assists, and desires to meet needs in the body
 Knowledge: The gift that naturally seeks and desires to gather and learn as much about the Word of God as possible and use said data to the building of the church
Miracles: The gift that is enabled by God to do the naturally impossible to His Glory
 Tongues: The gift that speaks in a new and unlearned language that allows the body to be edified and unbelievers to be persuaded by hearing their own language
 Interpretation of Tongues: The gift that translates the message spoken in tongues
Wisdom: The gift that applies knowledge and understanding to practical and daily decision making, and reveals spiritual truths
Ephesians 4:
 Evangelism: The gift that spreads the message of the good news of the gospel
 Pastor: The gift that is responsible for the shepherding, protecting, guiding, and feeding of God's children
(There are some repetitions of gifts in each passage, as well as the gifts of celibacy, martyrdom, hospitality, missionary, and voluntary poverty mentioned in other passages of scripture)
     I believe that we have prophets, preachers, and great leaders that are simply sitting in the pews. I believe that there are young people with the gift of healing in their hands lying dormant. I believe that we have tongue-talking and tongue-interpreting evangelists who are currently teen moms. There are inactive young people sitting at home who have a vision for the homeless, for youth centers, for community shelters that God has placed in their bellies. God has given EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US gifts! He has not put that gift in you to rot, or for you to just bury it. He has placed it there for such a time as THIS.
       Right now, we need people with the true gift of exhortation to come forward and encourage the body! Does God speak to you through dreams and visions? Our generation is thirsty for a TRUE prophetic word and encouragement from heaven. Where there is no vision, the people perish. Do you have a burden for the sick? Do you have a seed of faith in you that you know is special? The church needs you. The world needs to see you, God needs to use you. The time has come for us to stir up the gift that God has put in us!
     There is no need to be ashamed of the gift that God has given you, or to feel that your gift is any less than anyone elses. God gave you that gift for a reason, and once you begin to use it, God will add to it! The enemy wants you to sit on your one gift, because he knows that one person using their spiritual gift can chase a THOUSAND demons to flight! Don't you misjudge the POWER of a GOD GIVEN gift!
    ASIDE: Gifts need exercise. But your spiritual gift cannot flourish without a spiritual foundation. Our God is a GOD of order. It will always please the Lord for you to be fatihful to ministry, faithful to scripture and prayer, faithful at home FIRST. (See qualifications of leadership, 1 Tim 3)
     People will be intimidated by your spirtual gifts, and may even allow the enemy to work through them to keep you from using them. But you must remember the world needs you. You have to push beyond the haters, push beyond your fears, and use your gift( 2 Tim 1:6-9). We are in a battle, and we need gifted and trained soldiers to win this battle. I don't know about you, but I wish to have talented and skilled fighters fighting alongside me in battle, not people unqualified or operating in their area of weakness. We must crucify the spirit of Pride that keeps us from working in unity and investing in
other gifted Saints. God knew what He was doing when he distributed those gifts, and we fight against our own body when we tear down or refuse to use other gifted saints.
          It's clear we are living in the last days, as we see the spirit of pride running loose and taking many of the saints captive. We are self absorbed, more concerned about building an empire instead of building the church. We have gone astray in this area and the church has paid for it. This spirit of pride, arrogance, and jealousy effectively tears down the church.
         You can always tell when someone is operating in the spirit of Pride, because the body will not thrive. The body lacks what it needs to grow and go to the next SPIRITUAL level because that spirit causes the leader to abuse their seat of power. Instead of using the qualified person, the leader will do what the prideful and jealous King Saul did- try to misuse and kill off the qualified servants because they are intimidated. But if you are a David and you know you are called- just stay faithful to God with a good spirit. God will move Saul out the way and put you right where you belong. Continue to build, continue to exercise and perfect your gifts, and continue to stay faithful. Don't acquire a bitter attitude, don't quit, and certainly don't let them intimidate you. God has already spoken: your gift will make room for you and bring you before great men!

Stay Noisy For God!
Wednesday, January 31, 2018

"I hate myself, and I hate my life"; to be a Millennial Part One

You Were Fearfully AND Wonderfully Made

      You watch and study Kim kardashian (insert favorite celebrity here), and then you get up and look in the mirror. You walk past your pile of bills and your dirty dishes to your bathroom, and look at yourself. All you can see are flaws. If I could get this fixed, this lifted, this tucked, then I would be beautiful. You look at your hair, and wish it wasn't so. You look at your home and imagine somewhere different. You look at your marriage, your singleness, your situation, and wish you could change everything- and *RIGHT HERE* is where the devil wants you.
        Many women have resorted to stripping, working in escort services, and exploiting their bodies for the opportunity to have fifteen minutes of fame, and a few dollars. Many are saving up money to get implants, to get lipo, to get injections- trying to be more like the similitude of Kim, forgetting that they are made in the similitude of Christ! Many are fighting, stealing, selling drugs- covering themselves with tattoos to fit into a culture they were never meant to be a part of- because they were actually called to be peculiar. Many are hurting, and crying, and near suicidal as they look at their own lives with anger, because their LIFE as it is, IS NOT ENOUGH. They are obsessing over MORE. We need more money, more attention, more opportunities to shine. The devil has poisoned our minds.
   The devil wants you thirsty for material things. Sooooooo thirsty that when he offers you a sip, you will drink it, no matter the cost. And he has a very effective method. In this social media era, we have been allowed extreme access to look into the lives of the rich and the famous; we have been 'given' a peak into their extravagant lifestyles; we have borne witness to their luxurious way of living. The private jets, the traveling around the world, fabulous clothes, drinking, partying- as we witness it, it affects us. As we consume it, we become hungry, thirsty for more. We create vision boards, visualizing ourselves in worldly places, climates, and positions- using techniques of self-will instead of seeking God's will.
        We become lustful in our hearts, lustful in our minds. We are not happy with ourselves, and certainly not happy for others. This is the exact opposite of what God has designed for our lives.(Philip. 4:11, 1John2:16)
      I hear someone crying because their attempts at fame have failed. They tried to take the gift that God gave them and use it for the world. They took their gift of music, their gift of beauty, their gift of art and they tried to sell it to the devil. They want the attention, they want the fame, they want the money.
       And Satan wants your gift. No, its not about you- He wants it so that he can make God jealous. He wants you to severe your relationship with God and come and lay in his sinful bed.
        He wants you to take the beautiful body that God gave you and cut it up- change it and distort it. He wants you to take the purity that God gave you and pervert it. He wants you to throw away the future that God has created for you, and replace it with a destiny full of sadness, emptiness, and pain.
 He will deceive you at all costs, because he doesn't actually care about you. He puts the pretty things in the window for you to envy, and when you REALLY want it, he will give it to you in exchange for your destiny.
       In exchange for your relationship with God. That's what it costs- that's the only deal that stands (Matt 6:24). Nothing less. And once you trade- many are like Judas and die soon after- for the best kept secret is that the wages of sin is death.
      Soon after the exchange, you see that it wasnt what you thought it was! The fruit of your sinful decisions begins to eat away at you: Babies, Abortions, Infections, Depression, Exclusion, HIV, Divorce, Anxiety, Exploitation, Harrassment, Body Distortion, Obsession... the list goes on and on.
      To my generation I caution you: be careful of what you consume. The devil has a plan for you just like God does. Don't try the devil when you've never tried God. You were bought with a price, and you are a rare gem in the eyes of God. He created you with love. He formed you- and in Him you are truly flawless. In this world, the definition of flawless is manufactured. But in God's eyes, you are exactly the way He wanted you to be.
       You were fearfully and wonderfully made in HIS image. Do not hurt your Savior by giving your body, heart, mind, and gifts to another. Love HIM the way HE loves you, and you will truly have it all. Truly. The devil does not like you. The devil does not care about you. HE is using you to get to God, and as soon as you are used up he will throw you away. Ask all those BIG time celebrities who died early deaths, and now rest in torment.

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Jehovah Rapha- God My Healer


      My four year old's life has been anything but simple! Since conception, we have battled many different MAJOR struggles, which have ALL become testimonies that showcase the
HEALING and DELIVERING power of our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST. Today I want to share one of our miracles.
      These pictures were taken only 9 months apart. Due to severe eczema and a weak immune system, Noelle was covered from head to toe in scales. Shortly after being diagnosed, all of her hair began to fall out. As parents, we were very distraught and began going to extreme great lengths to cover, cure, and conceal, but every morning her pillow was covered in blood, and every bath time sent patches of hair down the drain. Going in public people would stare, and some would ask about her extreme 'sunburn'. Mommy to the rescue as I adopted tedious bath routines,
and sought the Lord, who granted me wisdom in how to style and cover her issues so that she could still feel confident and beautiful.
       But on my knees in private I would cry and cry to the Lord for help, instruction, and total healing. My husband would anoint her and we began to touch and agree for her healing according to the power and the Word of God.
      One day she was so uncomfortable -and her skin looked so bad- that it looked like we were headed back to the ER, the same day as she had already endured a fruitless pediatric
appointment. We had purchased every cream, tried every medication. We were running out of money, but we were desperate. My mother told us, "just take her in." We got her a happy meal
and took her to the ER at 12 am. We were called to the back, they examined and picked
at her skin. But When the doctor walked out, The nurse said to me, 'I have seen this before, in my own son in Africa. It's what shes eating. If you go to this certain doctor, they can test her, and your insurance will be able cover it over there." We thanked him and praised God, for an option that we could afford.
    The next day we took his advice, got her tested, and sure enough, 90% of what Noelle was eating, she was allergic to! The allergist called us with same day results, saying she had never seen a child with such high allergen levels to certain foods.
      So we went into beast mode, clearing out her diet and teaching her what she can and cannot eat. We took her off all the chemicals, and watched GOD restore and revitalize her skin. But her scalp was still open and was not healing.
     If you ask  Noelle what happened, she will answer you "By His stripes, I am healed." She can quote this scripture and many more, because we declared the Word of God over her life every single day. We prayed, we fasted, we anointed her head and scalp with oil, and God again answered our prayers. Her scalp healed over, and her hair began to sprout out at what looked like a daily rate until all the bald patches were covered. And as you can see, she now has a full head of hair again!
      To any Mother who is dealing with a sick child, I say you have the opportunity to shape what they define as beautiful and help them to build their faith- even as a toddler. They are not too young to seek the Lord! Noelle now has faith, and she has learned to not only pray for herself but also for others. God heard Noelle's little voice. Her faith in God as a healer and a friend is so pure, it brings tears to my eyes!
     And to anyone struggling with ANY health issue, I say to you that NOTHING is too hard for GOD! You dont have to live bound, when you serve a God who is in TOTAL control. Ask God to lead you in wisdom in what to do, and HE WILL ANSWER. The Lord led us to the hospital that night, and put that nurse in our room. After we left the ER, the doctor had only prescribed the same drugs that everyone else did. Had it not been for the nurse that God placed in our path, we would still be in the same boat! God will place people and angels in your path that will answer your prayers!
      Ask in faith, ask in expectation. If I told you all that God has done for my health- your jaw would drop. Ill stop here for today and leave it at this: Keep the Faith and never forget Mark 9:23: If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth!
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5 Reasons You Don't Read Your Bible, And How to Overcome Them

                                               "Help!! I dont like reading my Bible!"

Please Don't do the 'Daniel Fast' Without Reading the Book of Daniel...

     What if whilst on your death-bed, someone told you that you were actually an heir to great riches that you had never acquired? What if they told you that you actually had the map and the deed to your treasures and inheritance sitting on your nightstand your whole life? WELL,  unfortunately that is a true story for billions. The BIBLE is quite literally a TREASURE MAP.  IT IS A MAP THAT LEADS YOU TO GREAT RICHES AND WEALTH.
      In the Bible are the keys to living a life with purpose, a life of peace, and a life of abundance both now and in the everafter. So OF COURSE the devil is going to work very hard to ensure you don't ever read it! The devil doesnt want you to read the Bible, because he knows that if you do, you will have found the most valuable weapon of all time against Him, and your life will forever CHANGE.
        One of Satan's favorite lies to whisper in your ear is that God doesnt respond- thus leading you to doubt His existence. Its okay to admit this. Even though I grew up loving God- I sometimes had those thoughts creep into my mind;
 "Is he really there?" "Why doesnt he answer me?" or the worst;  "What if its all fake?"
BUT once I discovered THIS secret, I was able to banish those horrible thought forever.
    Want the secret??? Are YOU SURE?? Can You HANDLE IT????? Okay, I'll stop dragging it out.
 The secret is Romans 10:17: "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God."
So, essentially that verse is saying that if you don't read your bible, you won't have any faith. And a FAITHLESS person can never please God, and essentially live in His abundant life HE has for them.
 So let's delve into:

Enemy Lie Number One: The Bible Is Boring
      This is probably the greatest lie of all time. Did you know that the majority of MAJOR block-buster films are 'spin-offs' of bible characters, stories, and are chock-full of scriptural references??
Marvel comics, DC comics, movies like 300, Superman, Harry Potter, and too many to name. They swap out light for dark and 'VOILA' instant HIT! And most people never recognize this,
because, well, THEY DONT READ THEIR BIBLES. The bible is FULL of the greatest war stories, dramas, love stories, underdog stories, waiting to be read. So next time you
get ready to pick up a novel or a series, do yourself a favor and pick up the BIBLE. My PERSONAL favorites are the stories of Jacob and David. They bring me to tears
EVERY time. (Jacob's story begins in Genesis 25, and King David's in 1 Samuel 17)

Enemy Lie Number Two: I Dont Understand It

       Now this one is the ONLY one that can have validity, because the Word of God needs a special key to unlock itself. True understanding of the written word of God has to be REVEALED
to you through the Holy Spirit. But the good news is, the Holy Spirit and its wisdom is yours for the taking! Ask, and it shall be given! (Holler at me for more on this)
Now, if you're saying, NO, I just struggle to understand it- all those 'thou's and thee's and shalls'... 
Here is what I recommend: Reading the KJV alongside the ERV, or NIV. (all available on the Bible App)
I actually don't condone using other translations (video on that coming this week, make sure you subscribe to @noisyforgodmovement to catch that!) BUT they can
be useful tools if used correctly. So parallel the two alongside, or read the passage first in the ERV, THEN in the KJV. And in no time, you will catch on to the
lingo and be able to read KJV without additional help.

Enemy Lie Number Three: I Dont Have Time
       Listen!!! This goes without saying BUT i'll say it anyhow, If you use a social media account of any sort, or cable, or read ANY other books besides the bible
on a regular basis this excuse is not available for use, see other four excuses. However, if you are SUPER busy, having the bible app on your phone allows you to quickly
access the word while in motion, and the audio allow for easy listening which is even more convenient!

Enemy Lie Number Four: A scripture A Day IS ENOUGH
         This is simply not true, as you could live 100 years and on this regimen still be in Genesis, and thus missed out on all the BIBLE has to offer.
Now, you can certainly survive off of a scripture a day, if paired with regular BIBLE class, Sunday School, etc- but you will still be malnourished. I recommend
reading 'till life wont let you on a daily basis- and I have found that the more I read, the more I want to. Push yourself to read more than you did the day before, and You will soon develop an appetite for the Word of God.

Enemy Lie Number Five: You don't have to read the bible To be saved
    I could go IN on this one, but I will say this; HOW can one do anything correctly without reading the directions first? Choosing to go off popular opinion and our own intellect is RISKY business!!! How many things do we need to give attention
to that we err in, because we never read the manual? The bible lets us know not to trust our own judgement in Proverbs 16:25 - "There is a way that appears to be right,
but in the end it leads to DEATH." Better to be safe (read the BIBLE) than to be sorry!
   SO in conclusion, let us ALL strive to be better steward of the Word of God. And in all honesty, reading your BIBLE will be a GAME CHANGER in your Christ walk!

I never understood why God was 'SILENT' until I read the WORD, at which point I realized that HE is actually SPEAKING very loudly!! I just wasnt listening. In this New Year, Lets Make Reading God's WORD a priority. After all, he IS the LIVING WORD. SO if you seek Him, Seek HIs word!!
       GOd BLESS!! And please LIKE< SHARE< COMMENT!!!!
Never be ashamed to be NOISY FOR GOD!!!