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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

God is not pleased with #BeyonceWorship


I must say; I was shocked to see the enamored reaction of the Saints to Beyonce. Although the world's idolatrous reaction to her was more bold and brazen than ever, it was the saints enlivenment that shook me. The woman, dressed in gold, with a cloven crown on her head, sat on a golden throne. Her admirers fell at her feet in worship, lifting their hands up to her and bowing as she passed by. The audience quietly held their breath in thirst for every note she sang, every word she carefully spoke. As she ended her performance, an awestruck audience gave her a standing ovation- no one was visibly seated. Everyone clapped, and clapped, and clapped, as the woman dressed in gold quietly stood there and absorbed their worship. Immediately the internet was set ablaze with all manner of praise of her beauty, presentation, pregnancy, voice, speech...worship hands and prayer emojis overflowed. I wish I were exaggerating, but unfortunately, this happened.