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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

You are NOT important. You are NOT capable: Re-doing self-affirmations

    Everyone says that we should love ourselves. We should believe in ourselves. "You are greater than you think," they say. "You have the power to change the world," they muse. But I'm here to tell you that all of that is a lie. You are not greater than you think. You are severely and utterly LESS.
     You are not powerful, you are not capable, and you are not able to accomplish anything beyond what God allows. None of us are.
    We wouldn't even be alive if He hadn't ordained it to be so. Back to the dirt, back to the ashes we will go in just a few short years on earth. So frail, so fragile. Bad news today at the doctor's, and dead tomorrow. Wrong place at the wrong time and you are gone forever. We are POWERLESS without GOD!
     And quite frankly I'm EXHAUSTED by the arrogance of today's society! It's very much self-central. Photos of ourselves in all our best angles. Self-glorification at it's highest degree! All the rappers want to be 'mini gods'. All the preachers have removed the crosses from the sanctuary, and put up life size posters of themselves. The churches have changed their names from "Christ Temple"
or "Mount Zion" to "Celebration" or "Relevant". You may as well name your church "Important Church". Or better yet "The people's church": because WHERE is GOD?
      Is he in our services anymore? Do you feel him there? Can you look around and see EVIDENCE? Or just a bunch of HYPE? God leaves evidence everywhere HE goes. When He comes in the room there is an immediate shift. In His presence, change occurs. Miracles, Signs, and Wonders. When was the last time you experienced it? Or were you too busy checking your facebook and instagram during church to know if He was there? Or worse yet: Did you even come to church to encounter and worship God?
     It seems as though we have become content being "motivated" by our favorite "preachers". The quotations are there because there has been an increase in folks taking the mic and talking about a whole lot of other things in the pulpit, and not enough Jesus. Jesus MUST be preached. His death, His burial, His resurrection MUST be preached. That is the only hope and power that we can ever hold- through and by the blood of JESUS. If they are not forming their sermon around that sacred text, that source of hope, then they are not preachers of truth, but rather preachers of darkness sent to distract and mislead.
    We must take a long look in the mirror and say to ourselves,
                                         "You are not a god. you are nothing without God."
      Sounds harsh doesn't it? But a good dose of humility is what our world needs right now! From the white house all the way through hollywood, everyone is on a power-high. All these sexual misconduct accusations are flowing from people's abuse of a false sense of power. The bible says that rebellion is as the spirit of witchcraft. Rebelling against the rules, rebelling against morality, rebelling against GOD has created the dark world we now inhabit. This demonic spirit has caused people to pick up a gun and feel as though they have the power to take another man's life. They have taken on the role of God- deciding to punish innocent people for their own selfish reasons. But OHHHHHHHH they have NOT gotten away with it. There will come a day when the Lord will judge every man according to his works. There will come a day when every knee will bow and every tongue WILL confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. 
     Look in the mirror and say
                                       "I am not a god. Lord I am worthless without you."
     This is where the true power lies. Because the truth is, God is the source of all
power- he is the potentate. Right now you could not go outside and create a river, cause it to rain, create a new color, make a new animal...we are powerless. We create and we live with the tools that He has given us. Period. So what arrogance can be found in that?
     God has been gracious toward us. He has actually given us access to His power. Through Christ, you can do all things. When you are weak, He is strong for you. HE has given all things into our hands freely. HE gives grace to the humble, and power to the Sons of God. HE upholds the righteous with His right hand of Strength. SO bottom line is- you are not powerful on your own, but when you tap into HIS spirit- then and only then the game changes. We must find our purpose, our worth, our beauty, our gifts, our destiny in HIM. Change your affirmations from "You can DO it" to "HE can do it". From "I am flawless" to " I am flawed but His grace is sufficient." From "I got this" to "HE's got this!"  Here's to God having a church that is secure in their place in HIM- aware that they are in need of Grace, grateful that HE loves them in spite of, and humbly standing in awe of His Glory.
Noisy For God

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