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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

5 Reasons You Don't Read Your Bible, And How to Overcome Them

                                               "Help!! I dont like reading my Bible!"

Please Don't do the 'Daniel Fast' Without Reading the Book of Daniel...

     What if whilst on your death-bed, someone told you that you were actually an heir to great riches that you had never acquired? What if they told you that you actually had the map and the deed to your treasures and inheritance sitting on your nightstand your whole life? WELL,  unfortunately that is a true story for billions. The BIBLE is quite literally a TREASURE MAP.  IT IS A MAP THAT LEADS YOU TO GREAT RICHES AND WEALTH.
      In the Bible are the keys to living a life with purpose, a life of peace, and a life of abundance both now and in the everafter. So OF COURSE the devil is going to work very hard to ensure you don't ever read it! The devil doesnt want you to read the Bible, because he knows that if you do, you will have found the most valuable weapon of all time against Him, and your life will forever CHANGE.
        One of Satan's favorite lies to whisper in your ear is that God doesnt respond- thus leading you to doubt His existence. Its okay to admit this. Even though I grew up loving God- I sometimes had those thoughts creep into my mind;
 "Is he really there?" "Why doesnt he answer me?" or the worst;  "What if its all fake?"
BUT once I discovered THIS secret, I was able to banish those horrible thought forever.
    Want the secret??? Are YOU SURE?? Can You HANDLE IT????? Okay, I'll stop dragging it out.
 The secret is Romans 10:17: "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God."
So, essentially that verse is saying that if you don't read your bible, you won't have any faith. And a FAITHLESS person can never please God, and essentially live in His abundant life HE has for them.
 So let's delve into:

Enemy Lie Number One: The Bible Is Boring
      This is probably the greatest lie of all time. Did you know that the majority of MAJOR block-buster films are 'spin-offs' of bible characters, stories, and are chock-full of scriptural references??
Marvel comics, DC comics, movies like 300, Superman, Harry Potter, and too many to name. They swap out light for dark and 'VOILA' instant HIT! And most people never recognize this,
because, well, THEY DONT READ THEIR BIBLES. The bible is FULL of the greatest war stories, dramas, love stories, underdog stories, waiting to be read. So next time you
get ready to pick up a novel or a series, do yourself a favor and pick up the BIBLE. My PERSONAL favorites are the stories of Jacob and David. They bring me to tears
EVERY time. (Jacob's story begins in Genesis 25, and King David's in 1 Samuel 17)

Enemy Lie Number Two: I Dont Understand It

       Now this one is the ONLY one that can have validity, because the Word of God needs a special key to unlock itself. True understanding of the written word of God has to be REVEALED
to you through the Holy Spirit. But the good news is, the Holy Spirit and its wisdom is yours for the taking! Ask, and it shall be given! (Holler at me for more on this)
Now, if you're saying, NO, I just struggle to understand it- all those 'thou's and thee's and shalls'... 
Here is what I recommend: Reading the KJV alongside the ERV, or NIV. (all available on the Bible App)
I actually don't condone using other translations (video on that coming this week, make sure you subscribe to @noisyforgodmovement to catch that!) BUT they can
be useful tools if used correctly. So parallel the two alongside, or read the passage first in the ERV, THEN in the KJV. And in no time, you will catch on to the
lingo and be able to read KJV without additional help.

Enemy Lie Number Three: I Dont Have Time
       Listen!!! This goes without saying BUT i'll say it anyhow, If you use a social media account of any sort, or cable, or read ANY other books besides the bible
on a regular basis this excuse is not available for use, see other four excuses. However, if you are SUPER busy, having the bible app on your phone allows you to quickly
access the word while in motion, and the audio allow for easy listening which is even more convenient!

Enemy Lie Number Four: A scripture A Day IS ENOUGH
         This is simply not true, as you could live 100 years and on this regimen still be in Genesis, and thus missed out on all the BIBLE has to offer.
Now, you can certainly survive off of a scripture a day, if paired with regular BIBLE class, Sunday School, etc- but you will still be malnourished. I recommend
reading 'till life wont let you on a daily basis- and I have found that the more I read, the more I want to. Push yourself to read more than you did the day before, and You will soon develop an appetite for the Word of God.

Enemy Lie Number Five: You don't have to read the bible To be saved
    I could go IN on this one, but I will say this; HOW can one do anything correctly without reading the directions first? Choosing to go off popular opinion and our own intellect is RISKY business!!! How many things do we need to give attention
to that we err in, because we never read the manual? The bible lets us know not to trust our own judgement in Proverbs 16:25 - "There is a way that appears to be right,
but in the end it leads to DEATH." Better to be safe (read the BIBLE) than to be sorry!
   SO in conclusion, let us ALL strive to be better steward of the Word of God. And in all honesty, reading your BIBLE will be a GAME CHANGER in your Christ walk!

I never understood why God was 'SILENT' until I read the WORD, at which point I realized that HE is actually SPEAKING very loudly!! I just wasnt listening. In this New Year, Lets Make Reading God's WORD a priority. After all, he IS the LIVING WORD. SO if you seek Him, Seek HIs word!!
       GOd BLESS!! And please LIKE< SHARE< COMMENT!!!!
Never be ashamed to be NOISY FOR GOD!!!

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