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Monday, January 22, 2018

Jehovah Rapha- God My Healer


      My four year old's life has been anything but simple! Since conception, we have battled many different MAJOR struggles, which have ALL become testimonies that showcase the
HEALING and DELIVERING power of our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST. Today I want to share one of our miracles.
      These pictures were taken only 9 months apart. Due to severe eczema and a weak immune system, Noelle was covered from head to toe in scales. Shortly after being diagnosed, all of her hair began to fall out. As parents, we were very distraught and began going to extreme great lengths to cover, cure, and conceal, but every morning her pillow was covered in blood, and every bath time sent patches of hair down the drain. Going in public people would stare, and some would ask about her extreme 'sunburn'. Mommy to the rescue as I adopted tedious bath routines,
and sought the Lord, who granted me wisdom in how to style and cover her issues so that she could still feel confident and beautiful.
       But on my knees in private I would cry and cry to the Lord for help, instruction, and total healing. My husband would anoint her and we began to touch and agree for her healing according to the power and the Word of God.
      One day she was so uncomfortable -and her skin looked so bad- that it looked like we were headed back to the ER, the same day as she had already endured a fruitless pediatric
appointment. We had purchased every cream, tried every medication. We were running out of money, but we were desperate. My mother told us, "just take her in." We got her a happy meal
and took her to the ER at 12 am. We were called to the back, they examined and picked
at her skin. But When the doctor walked out, The nurse said to me, 'I have seen this before, in my own son in Africa. It's what shes eating. If you go to this certain doctor, they can test her, and your insurance will be able cover it over there." We thanked him and praised God, for an option that we could afford.
    The next day we took his advice, got her tested, and sure enough, 90% of what Noelle was eating, she was allergic to! The allergist called us with same day results, saying she had never seen a child with such high allergen levels to certain foods.
      So we went into beast mode, clearing out her diet and teaching her what she can and cannot eat. We took her off all the chemicals, and watched GOD restore and revitalize her skin. But her scalp was still open and was not healing.
     If you ask  Noelle what happened, she will answer you "By His stripes, I am healed." She can quote this scripture and many more, because we declared the Word of God over her life every single day. We prayed, we fasted, we anointed her head and scalp with oil, and God again answered our prayers. Her scalp healed over, and her hair began to sprout out at what looked like a daily rate until all the bald patches were covered. And as you can see, she now has a full head of hair again!
      To any Mother who is dealing with a sick child, I say you have the opportunity to shape what they define as beautiful and help them to build their faith- even as a toddler. They are not too young to seek the Lord! Noelle now has faith, and she has learned to not only pray for herself but also for others. God heard Noelle's little voice. Her faith in God as a healer and a friend is so pure, it brings tears to my eyes!
     And to anyone struggling with ANY health issue, I say to you that NOTHING is too hard for GOD! You dont have to live bound, when you serve a God who is in TOTAL control. Ask God to lead you in wisdom in what to do, and HE WILL ANSWER. The Lord led us to the hospital that night, and put that nurse in our room. After we left the ER, the doctor had only prescribed the same drugs that everyone else did. Had it not been for the nurse that God placed in our path, we would still be in the same boat! God will place people and angels in your path that will answer your prayers!
      Ask in faith, ask in expectation. If I told you all that God has done for my health- your jaw would drop. Ill stop here for today and leave it at this: Keep the Faith and never forget Mark 9:23: If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth!
Noisy For God

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