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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

"I hate myself, and I hate my life"; to be a Millennial Part One

You Were Fearfully AND Wonderfully Made

      You watch and study Kim kardashian (insert favorite celebrity here), and then you get up and look in the mirror. You walk past your pile of bills and your dirty dishes to your bathroom, and look at yourself. All you can see are flaws. If I could get this fixed, this lifted, this tucked, then I would be beautiful. You look at your hair, and wish it wasn't so. You look at your home and imagine somewhere different. You look at your marriage, your singleness, your situation, and wish you could change everything- and *RIGHT HERE* is where the devil wants you.
        Many women have resorted to stripping, working in escort services, and exploiting their bodies for the opportunity to have fifteen minutes of fame, and a few dollars. Many are saving up money to get implants, to get lipo, to get injections- trying to be more like the similitude of Kim, forgetting that they are made in the similitude of Christ! Many are fighting, stealing, selling drugs- covering themselves with tattoos to fit into a culture they were never meant to be a part of- because they were actually called to be peculiar. Many are hurting, and crying, and near suicidal as they look at their own lives with anger, because their LIFE as it is, IS NOT ENOUGH. They are obsessing over MORE. We need more money, more attention, more opportunities to shine. The devil has poisoned our minds.
   The devil wants you thirsty for material things. Sooooooo thirsty that when he offers you a sip, you will drink it, no matter the cost. And he has a very effective method. In this social media era, we have been allowed extreme access to look into the lives of the rich and the famous; we have been 'given' a peak into their extravagant lifestyles; we have borne witness to their luxurious way of living. The private jets, the traveling around the world, fabulous clothes, drinking, partying- as we witness it, it affects us. As we consume it, we become hungry, thirsty for more. We create vision boards, visualizing ourselves in worldly places, climates, and positions- using techniques of self-will instead of seeking God's will.
        We become lustful in our hearts, lustful in our minds. We are not happy with ourselves, and certainly not happy for others. This is the exact opposite of what God has designed for our lives.(Philip. 4:11, 1John2:16)
      I hear someone crying because their attempts at fame have failed. They tried to take the gift that God gave them and use it for the world. They took their gift of music, their gift of beauty, their gift of art and they tried to sell it to the devil. They want the attention, they want the fame, they want the money.
       And Satan wants your gift. No, its not about you- He wants it so that he can make God jealous. He wants you to severe your relationship with God and come and lay in his sinful bed.
        He wants you to take the beautiful body that God gave you and cut it up- change it and distort it. He wants you to take the purity that God gave you and pervert it. He wants you to throw away the future that God has created for you, and replace it with a destiny full of sadness, emptiness, and pain.
 He will deceive you at all costs, because he doesn't actually care about you. He puts the pretty things in the window for you to envy, and when you REALLY want it, he will give it to you in exchange for your destiny.
       In exchange for your relationship with God. That's what it costs- that's the only deal that stands (Matt 6:24). Nothing less. And once you trade- many are like Judas and die soon after- for the best kept secret is that the wages of sin is death.
      Soon after the exchange, you see that it wasnt what you thought it was! The fruit of your sinful decisions begins to eat away at you: Babies, Abortions, Infections, Depression, Exclusion, HIV, Divorce, Anxiety, Exploitation, Harrassment, Body Distortion, Obsession... the list goes on and on.
      To my generation I caution you: be careful of what you consume. The devil has a plan for you just like God does. Don't try the devil when you've never tried God. You were bought with a price, and you are a rare gem in the eyes of God. He created you with love. He formed you- and in Him you are truly flawless. In this world, the definition of flawless is manufactured. But in God's eyes, you are exactly the way He wanted you to be.
       You were fearfully and wonderfully made in HIS image. Do not hurt your Savior by giving your body, heart, mind, and gifts to another. Love HIM the way HE loves you, and you will truly have it all. Truly. The devil does not like you. The devil does not care about you. HE is using you to get to God, and as soon as you are used up he will throw you away. Ask all those BIG time celebrities who died early deaths, and now rest in torment.

Please Share this with someone who needs to hear a warning and a message of love! We must be vigilant in this last and EVIL day!
Blessings upon blessings,

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