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Monday, June 22, 2020

Bible Book Club


Bible Book Club Episode 3 ( June ) 

Episode 3 Topic of Discussion:

 “ For Such A Time As This

Group Reading Passage: Esther 3-10 
Devotional Reading: Deuteronomy 28
Focal Verse/ Memory Verse: Esther 4:14



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What a time that we are living in! Deadly plagues and incurable sicknesses, financial uncertainty, political unrest, riots, and rallies…it seems as though the earth is groaning under the weight of this new decade.

    Things have been released, and those with spiritual discernment can sense that the atmosphere of the earth has changed!
     This is a time where the church is about to give birth to the NEW- a new season, a new generation, and a new harvest. The world too is pregnant, pregnant with plans, systems and strategy.
     While the Kingdom of darkness builds and conspires, God is looking to discuss and release strategy and plans with his ambassadors, in his great Kingdom! He desires to use us, to work through us, as the fulness of time culminates.

 Are you ready?
Are you prepared to listen and receive?


        Queen Esther shines as a brilliant example in this regard, as she models spiritual warfare in a time of persecution, outrage, and political unrest.
   What I appreciate most about her story is that she rose from a place of comfort, a place of fortune, and took a stand when it was very risky to do so. I believe that God wants to reveal insight to us through her story!
      In these times it can be difficult for us to know what to do. Do we stand up? Do we kneel? Do we speak out, or should we keep quiet?
      When the trials and difficulties of life arise, I am so thankful that we can always look to scripture for guidance. God’s word is meant just for this purpose- in truth, it is meant for everypurpose.
    It is our greatest desire that God would inscribe his word into the flesh of our hearts. That He would sow His word into the soil of our minds, and it would bear fruit through our bodies and our actions.
We pray that God’s word will ultimately pro-generate though us, and produce a harvest for someone else. We know that God is capable of doing that in each and every one of us!
    As we dive into the seven chapters of Esther’s story over the next week, please be sure to open your heart to the words of God.
  Lord, please let your word sink into our minds, and let it uproot and challenge our thoughts and behaviors!
   When you speak, Lord we will respond!
   Family, let’s write, cry, pray, and share. This is the evolutionary process that God wants us to enjoy through His word. Remember, we are growing from milk to meat!



1) Read in a quiet place

2) If necessary, read small amounts at a time to allow for deeper comprehension and reasoning

3) Underline and look up words or concepts that you do not understand

4) Highlight the scriptures that speak to you

5) Write down revelation and questions that come to mind while studying

6) Read the word daily (as a vitamin!)

7) Send us your comments, thoughts, and questions!!! πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

We will see you soon!!



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