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Saturday, March 28, 2020



Bible Book Club
Episode 1
      "What Will Happen When Jesus Returns?"


Matthew 24: 1-51

Hey Family! This is the first reading passage for the first meeting and episode of the
 "Bible Book Club".

Memory Verse: Matthew 24:35, 42

Some Tips For Effective Bible Study:
1. Read in a quiet place
2.Read small amounts at a time
3. Underline and look up words that you do not understand
4. Highlight scriptures that speak to you
5. Write down revelation and questions that come to mind while studying
6. Read the word DAILY
7. Leave your comments, revelation, and questions below!!!! We want to hear from you!!!
 If you've finished your reading, comment #DONE!

We Will See You Soon! 



  1. Got it!! Will comment done soon : )

  2. #Done... So, I'm, like, sorta postin this here, like, 3 weeks after I read it ahahahahaha hence, right atm, I'm afraid I can't remember what parts in particular stood out to me. Tho I can say that this was a very TIMELY passage of Scripture for me to have read, since a lot of different ministries that I follow have been reading thru and examining this section of the Bible as well. As for the rest, I'm sure that I'm just going thru a trial-and-error phase of my time organization (which, as of the time during which I am writing this, is tremendously crappy), and so I presume it'll all fall into place, sooner or later. I want to thank you for this opportunity, tho, to get into my Word, and highlight scriptures that are meaningful to me. I find that this study has been really quite helpful to me, and I hope that you do more of them in the future ^v^ God bless you!

  3. noisyforgodmovementApril 25, 2020 at 9:53 AM

    Hey A.J, Thank you for the feedback. Matthew 24 definitely hits hard right now! We too are on this journey of reading the word, and I know that it can't help but bring growth and understanding in our lives. Time organization is definitely key tho LOL. But theres no doubt about it- If we seek, we will find! I'm looking forward to going deeper in God's word.

    1. My study Bible also directed me to Mark 13 and Luke 21, both of which I looked at, for further reference.