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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Reckoning- The truth about why some celebrities are being dethroned

            They are dropping like flies. Its reminiscent of the Salem Witch trials, isn’t it? Every week- no, every day, we are seeing top executives, politicians, celebrities, or even preachers- fall from grace. But why? Why now is there a sudden cleaning of house? This type of behavior from people in power is nothing new- in days of old people were giving the same complaints about the corruption and base habits of celebrities- and were paid off or shoved in the closet. In fact, the allegations that many are being fired for have no visible proof, and many took place, thirty and forty years ago. But now, invisible bigwigs have begun to fire people, ‘hang people’, kill their reputation, kill their careers. And notice, the target always bows to the allegations, quietly accepting their fate. Some have called it a ‘reckoning’. I do agree. It’s an all-out war as we are quickly pushing forward toward the Coming of Jesus- and The Rise of the Anti-Christ.

          On the surface level, it’s clear that the devil has people in position in every single realm. He has successfully recruited your favorite pop stars, rappers, politicians, news anchors. News broadcasts have been reporting slanted news for a very long time. The power of the press was the first thing the devil acquired. Do you know who runs them? They have openly supported Satan and we have turned a blind eye because we do not want to believe that its true (2 cor 4:4). But do you understand the depths of their corruption? I think not!

         We have made light of “making deals with the devil”. We have chosen to believe a lie rather than believe the truth. Some of us are just plain old ignorant like the people in the days of Noah- and will not come to the realization until it’s too late- but many of us are purposely turning a blind eye. We don’t want to believe it because it would mean we would have to change our lifestyles- turn off the tv and the internet, stop listening to secular artists, stop going out, stop wearing certain things, and basically live like an alien in a world where everyone is turning up. You will be laughed at, misunderstood, not included or popular, and certainly undervalued. (And if you were living like that, certainly you would be saying “MARANATHA, come Lord Jesus!”) We justify our lukewarm behaviors by calling people who believe the bible, “too deep”, when in fact we know that we are not deep enough. Many of our false leaders have gotten in bed with devil, choosing to enjoy dinner with the devil, enjoy making music with the devil, selling out for recognition and fame. But the devil never fights fair. No matter who you are, his intentions are to steal, kill, and destroy. For those who make deals with him, they may enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season- but as soon as he has gotten what he wants out of you- used you to influence a young generation, and to confuse people and spread his lies- that corruption will surely bring forth death. How many celebrities have we seen “overdose” all too soon? People at the very top, dying at the very bottom, and so many others who were not important enough to be reported. For the ways of unrighteousness ends in death.

    Bottom Line? There is a plot afoot. As the church prepares for the coming of Jesus, the world prepares for the unveiling of the antichrist. Your favorite celebrities have pledged to the new world order. Your favorite basketball player is a recruiter for Satan, and your fashion icons whose clothes you wear work diligently on the antichrists’ behalf. The intent is to have complete influence, in every arena, right on down to their fake ‘megachurches’ (where there are no visible crosses or sanctimonious objects, no true doctrine, and even the bibles they choose to use have been modified to fit the agenda) and educational institutions where we learn a biased worldview education. And anyone, in any position that will not go along with the plan, anyone who will not bow completely, is disposed of. They are then replaced with someone who will be more progressive and is completely on board. You can have enough as a believer, but you cannot have it all. Any further, and it will cost you.

    Open your eyes and look around. Everywhere warns you. Movies play it out for you. Rappers are telling you. When will you wake up?

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