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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

God is not pleased with #BeyonceWorship


I must say; I was shocked to see the enamored reaction of the Saints to Beyonce. Although the world's idolatrous reaction to her was more bold and brazen than ever, it was the saints enlivenment that shook me. The woman, dressed in gold, with a cloven crown on her head, sat on a golden throne. Her admirers fell at her feet in worship, lifting their hands up to her and bowing as she passed by. The audience quietly held their breath in thirst for every note she sang, every word she carefully spoke. As she ended her performance, an awestruck audience gave her a standing ovation- no one was visibly seated. Everyone clapped, and clapped, and clapped, as the woman dressed in gold quietly stood there and absorbed their worship. Immediately the internet was set ablaze with all manner of praise of her beauty, presentation, pregnancy, voice, speech...worship hands and prayer emojis overflowed. I wish I were exaggerating, but unfortunately, this happened.

    If you are a CHRISTian- and this did not set a fire within you, if it did not turn your stomach, if it did not invoke a certain level of fear for the wrath of God- I encourage you to seek Romans 12:2.
 It begins as a mandate for all believers to resist the urge to take on the world-view of everything around us-
"and do not be conformed to this world..."
 but the next piece is where I would like to focus. "Be ye transformed," Paul writes, "by the renewing of your mind,"
It poses a direct question to those who see no wrong in conforming to the societal norms- could your mind be sick? Could it still be depraved- in need of a cleansing, a transformation, a renewal? if you cannot see the wrong in worshipping another (Exod. 20:5) or  praising another consider this verse. If you cannot see the confusion in supporting someone who openly encourages fornication, idolatry, cursing, lust, vengeance, nakedness (Col.3:5) and so much more through her musical career, surely there is something awry. 
    Satan is a deceiver. He will never come in the truth of himself. Beyonce is beautiful but she openly works against the Kingdom of God- she pads her words with false humility, she sings beautiful notes with a harmful message. 
    At times we do not believe that what we are engaging in is idolatry. We cannot see that when we check our Instagram and Facebook first thing in the morning before praying or thanking God for waking us up, we have put those things before Him. 
When we choose to stay home from church for any reason beyond physical ability...when we sit in service and give our phones our attention instead of God, when we neglect to read His Word but manage to spend hours on social media, we are idolaters.
    We live lies. We want to believe that we can say we know Him but never spend time with Him or speak to Him. Say that we love him but never choose Him. Say that we are Christian but live exactly as the non-Christian does. 
But the truth is, once you have drawn closer to God- he begins to change you. It's not anything that you even have to force- if you begin to spend time with Him it will just happen. The reality TV shows you used to watch will begin to seem so pornographic, vile, and full of filth that you will wonder how you used to tolerate them. The rap you used to listen to will suddenly sound so vulgar, violent and demonic you cannot endure it- and you will see how Beyonce (and all the rest) are exalting themselves against your Savior- and clearly see the demonic spirits that lay beneath the golden beauty. 
Some hearing, may never hear, and some seeing, may never see(Isa6:9)- but if you want awaken to the truth, I encourage you to do these three: pray, fast, and detox. Go thirty days replacing your shows, Music, and Instagram feed with Scripture, Preaching, and Prayer. God will come into your mind and change your paradigm.
Then the latter part of that scripture will manifest: "that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God."
God wants to use you to manifest the good things that are acceptable in His sight- he wants to reveal the perfect will he has for your life. But the choice to non-conform, and allow God to transform your life is up to you. 
If you would like to know more about the specifics of Beyonce's and other celebrity satanism, I encourage you to check out the 'vigilant Christian on YouTube. Prepare to have your mind blown.
Stay Noisy,

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